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Reference 2941. Monopusher split-seconds chronograph with jumping minute counter.

The second chapter in the unfurling story of the watchmaking duo of Gaël Petermann &
Florian Bédat is a monument to fine mechanics (339 components) built on a unique,
elaborate aesthetic, a bridge between classical watchmaking and a contemporary spirit.


To the basic column chronograph, the two watchmakers have added a split-secondfunction. Allowing for two intervals of time that begin at the same instant to be measuredin parallel, it is particularly challenging to design, construct and adjust.


The 2941 takes the exercise a leap further with an additional safety that effectively prevents an unintentional reset of the stopwatch.

The two watchmakers set out from their shared point of reference: the pocket watch. The challenge was to render the richness of the finishes and the breathing space between the
bridges and the functions, which become possible in a pocket watch, within the restricted confines of a wristwatch.

With great care they succeeded in recapturing this spirit, by
highlighting certain functions, be it through the design of the springs and toggles, through the contrast of satin-brushed and polished surfaces, and tucking others under the bridges.
The result is both lyrical and restrained, rich and legible. German rigor with a touch of Latin leggerezza.


The case, made of platinum, has been entirely redesigned, recomposed, with individually soldered, stepped lugs; classic and elegant in its finishes and size (38.6 millimeters), it is
resolutely contemporary in its logic and design.


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