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Gaël Petermann and Florian Bédat first met at the watchmaking school of Geneva in 2007, where they
shared the same workbench. They even were roommates for a while in Dresden, Germany, where they perfected their skills in fine watchmaking at A. Lange & Söhne.

Back in Switzerland, they decided to share a workshop, too, before launching the brand that
would definitively seal their special bond of mutual respect and friendship.

Gaël Petermann & Florian Bédat decided to set up their workshop in Renens, a village on
the outskirts of Lausanne, where Gaël grew up.

A place off the beaten track, without bustling luxury avenues; a place with the right pace. They settled in Renens on their return from Glashütte, in the same workshop where you will find the two today – and where they
had a very inspiring neighbor for a few years: Dominique Renaud.

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Reference 1967

Influenced by pocket watches and the finest german watchmaking, Petermann Bédat unveils in 2018 their very first timepiece,
a 340-hours work of art featuring the in-house dead-beat second caliber 171.
After a foreword, Petermann Bédat has now started to properly write its own story, the 1967 is chapter I.

Reference 2941

The second chapter in the unfurling story of the watchmaking duo of Gaël Petermann & Florian Bédat is a monument to fine mechanics (339 components)
built on a unique, elaborate aesthetic, a bridge between classical watchmaking and a contemporary spirit.


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Rue des Entrepôts 3
1020 Renens


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